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Basic Maths

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Truly hot from the press of Trunk Records, Ron’s riotous romp through his 1980-81 music and associated noises for Central Television’s 28-part educational TV Series. Jonny Trunk is rather keen on this one!

The radical idea of the BASIC MATHS TV series was to use innovative animated and live-action films with no commentary, only that of Ron’s abstract musical accompaniments, duetting with picture, to excite 7 to 10 year-olds into mathematics. The success of this technique led him to continue in many more maths and science series through the next 10 years.

All this material has been restructured by him to expose musical lines not much detected in the original mono mixes. As was, and still is, common in the film and TV Media, the sound was the last sensory experience to complete the programmes. Ron had little time to consider his reactions to the films, so drew on his subconciously-stored experience to make something appropriate. The multiferously contrasting moods are now exposed in glowing stereophonic vibrancy.

At this stage in his crazy careering, he was using the now much sought after Oberheim 8-voice synthesiser to supplement his already well-oiled palette of piano, banjo, guitars, mouthorgan, percussion, voice – and other older analogue synthesisers including the legendary Synthi.

You are now invited to judge for yourself.


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