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The Stapled Brain

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The Stapled Brain is a 60-year comprehensive collection of Ron's aphorisms, poems and stories,

 true and fantastic, funny, serious, provocative and outrageous.


Hardback; 176 pages; 23 colour illustrations; 29 monochrome illustrations.


In American Royal format: 6 1/8th" x 9 1/4" (166mm x 235mm).


“Some people say I'm mad, but I say,

'I'm a great deal more mad than that!'

which brings me back round -

to the front of the extremely sane.”


Ever since 1961 - on the road with the Original Downtown Syncopators - Ron Geesin has scribbled on anything that would hold a pencil mark and in anything from trains, buses, toilet and bed, particularly to relieve the stress of composing ‘Atom Heart Mother’ with Pink Floyd, the music for ’Sunday Bloody Sunday’ (John Schlesinger), other feature films and innumerable arts, educational and social documentaries for The Media.


Ron Geesin is Neo-Renaissance man, performing, composing and constructing his way through what he calls ‘chance careering’. He pioneered the one-man record company in 1972, created several interactive installations, the best being The Tune Tube for Glasgow 1990, and wrote and presented two major series on jazz prototypes Coleman Hawkins and James P. Johnson for BBC Radio 3. The one-hour profile, An Improvisatory Life, was screened several times by SkyArts in 2019 -2020.


He has already written the history of ‘Atom Heart Mother’, The Flaming Cow (History Press), and the quite impossible The Adjustable Spanner - a history (Crowood Press), no doubt as a therapy from everything else.




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