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Ghost Story (Blu-ray)

£ 10.50


The latest Blu-ray version: revered, misunderstood and oft-discussed, Stephen Weeks' rarely seen 1974 dreamlike chiller is the absolute definition of a cult British Horror film.

Set in 1920s England it tells of three former public schoolmates played by Larry Dann, Murray Melvin and the enigmatic Vivian Mackerell, who reunite in a country mansion haunted by the spirit of insane former resident Marianne Faithfull (Girl On A Motorcycle). The haunting transports them to a surreal world of demonic dolls, sadistic doctors, incest and murder. Hammer fans will see Barbara Shelley (Dracula Prince Of Darkness) and Leigh Lawson (Hammer House Of Horror), among the cast.

Cult TV enthusiasts will recognise Anthony Bate (Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy, Beasts), and sitcom lovers will enjoy a cameo from Penelope Keith (The Good Life,To The Manor Born). This combination of 1970s Britsploitation and 1920s quaintness, realised perfectly by Weeks and soundtracked by Ron Geesin, have made Ghost Story legendary.

Now, for the first time on DVD, Nucleus Films proudly presents this pristine collectors edition including Ghost Stories, an in depth featurette about the curious tale about the making of the film, an audio commentary, a trailer and a selection of Weeks' fascinating early shorts and commercials.

DVD Extras include:

  • Ghost Stories an all-new 60 minute featurette including interviews with Director/Producer Stephen Weeks, Actors Larry Dann and Murray Melvin and British Horror Icon Barbara Shelley, plus composer Ron Geesin and UK critic Kim Newman.
  • 7 previously unseen early short films, several also with music and sounds by Ron Geesin.
  • 1960s The Chelsea Cobbler commercial
  • Audio Commentary and Theatrical Trailer

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