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ExpoZoom Album & Booklet

£ 6.50


Sound structures for The British Pavilion, Expo70, Japan

By Ron Geesin

Full album (MP3) and 14 page booklet (PDF) for download.

ExpoZoom is a boggle-eared trip round all my composed sound structures for the British Pavilion exhibit at Expo70 in Osaka, Japan - newly mixed from all the original components - an adventurous electronic exploration that provided many prototypes for subsequent work including Music From The Body and the Electrosound albums.

The main forty-five minutes 'composer's mix' in four parts comes with a fourteen-page PDF displaying drawings, track listing, photos and all my original scribbled notes.

You can also check excerpts and download any of the twenty individual tracks.  Individual tracks cost £0.60 each.

Track Listing


  1. Concorde

  2. Rolls Royce

  3. Blind Landing

  4. Tracked Hovercraft

Part 2. END WALL

  1. End Wall

  2. End Wall 2.1

  3. End Wall 2.2

  4. End Wall 3

Part 3. CURVE

  1. Sprayed Steel

  2. Petro-Forge

  3. Float Glass A

  4. Float Glass B

  5. Hydrostatic Extrusion

  6. Robotics


  1. Carbon Container

  2. Holography

  3. Motorway

  4. Severn Bridge

  5. Pollution

  6. Composite


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