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Ron Geesin's first BBC Radio broadcasts:

with John Peel, Bob Harris, Wally Whyton and others.


COUNTRY MEETS FOLK 1968/02/10, Playhouse Theatre, Northumberland Ave., Charing Cross, London.
1. Blues Turned A Bit Green
(voice; 6-string banjo; red petrol can) 5'34"

NIGHT RIDE (John Peel) 1968/07/03 BBC Broadcasting House.
(rec. 1968/06/20, BBC Studio S2, Maida Vale, London.)
2. Pretty Little Faces
(voice; plucked, beaten and played grand piano) 3'52"
3. Off The Left Cuff
(voice; 6-string banjo; red petrol can) 2'09"
4. Yesterday's Sheep
(kazoo; upright piano; voice; percussion; grand piano) 2'34"
5. Very Nostalgic Piece
(voice; 4-string banjo) 2'04"
6. Devised Now
(voice; grand piano) 3'06"
7. A Piece For Harmonium
(voice; grand piano) (unb'cast) 2'15"

NIGHT RIDE (John Peel) 1968/08/14, BBC Broadcasting House.
8. John Peel's Introduction 1'18"
9. Wind Of Life 2'17"
10. Railway Sleepers (+ Peel comments) 2'56"
11. Whirls Of Brain 0'51"

COUNTRY MEETS FOLK 1968/08/31, Playhouse Theatre, Northumberland Ave., Charing Cross, London.

12. Rampage For Radio (incorporating "Red Omnibuses") (voice; grand piano; percussion) (introduced by Wally Whyton) 2'57"
13. A Piece Of Brown Paper
(voice; 4-string banjo; red petrol can) (introduced by Jim Lloyd) 2'51"

NIGHT RIDE (John Peel) 1969/04/09 BBC Broadcasting House
(rec. 1969/04/01, BBC Studo S2, Maida Vale, London.)

14. The First Piece (voice, percussion) 2'13"
15. 3/4" Plywood Cover For Voice
(voice) 3'25"
16. John's Title
(voice; grand piano; celeste) 4'27"
17. Out Of Your Tune + Virtuoso Piece For Banjo
(de-tuned banjo; voice; 4-string banjo; cymbals) 3'55"
18. Mr. Tape Machine, Speak With Your Heads
(mouth; tape delay system) (introduced by John Curle) 3'42"
19. I Wonder Why
(voice; grand piano) (fades in) 2'07"


COUNTRY MEETS FOLK 1969/04/12, Playhouse Theatre, Northumberland Ave., Charing Cross, London.

1. Ron's Notebook (voice) 3'02"
2. No. 8 Scalpel Incision Foxtrot
(voice; percussion, grand piano) 3'39"

(rec. 1969/07/19 BBC Studio S1, Maida Vale, London.)

3. Agitation In Anticipation Of Offspring, Part W (plucked, beaten and played grand piano; voice; tape inside London bus; tape delay system; harpsichord) 2'20"
4. Agitation In Anticipation Of Offspring, Part X
(grand piano; percussion) 3'27"
5. Agitation In Anticipation Of Offspring, Part Y
(voice; percussion; tape delay system) 4'14"

TOP GEAR (John Peel) 1971/06/19
6. Duet For One-String Banjo And Water Cistern  2'55"

SOUNDS OF THE SEVENTIES (Bob Harris) 1971/11/15
7. A Cymbal And Much Electronics (rec. at Ron Geesin Studio, 1971) 2'57"
8. Got Ma Black Vest On
(rec. 1971/10/26, BBC Kensington House, Richmond Way, Shepherd's Bush, London.) (camera noise; voice; multi-tracked banjos)2'21"
9. Which Way Out? Thankyou.
(rec. at Ron Geesin Studio, 1971) (ring-modulated and multi-tracked percussion; VCS3 synthesiser)2'19"
10. Two Feet And A Mouth
(rec. 1971/10/26, BBC Kensington House, Richmond Way, Shepherd's Bush, London.)3'19"

IF IT'S WEDNESDAY (comedy magazine programme on BBC R4, 1972/3)
(all rec. at Ron Geesin Studio, 1972)
11. Aside From Lands Afar
(voice; 'eastern' banjo; tape delay system)2'33"
12. Story
(voice; banjo tape loop; grand piano)3'06"
13. Chrisfarce
(voice; grand piano; synthesiser bass) 3'13"
14. From Sevenoaks To Charing Cross
(voice; grand piano; tape loop of train on rails) 2'48"

TOP GEAR (John Peel) 1973/03/06
15. Geesin's 6/8ths
(voice; electric guitar; VCS3 synthesiser; mandoline; piano; drum)2'59"

206 SHOWCASE (Paul Owens) BBC RADIO LONDON 1975/07/03
16. Conversation and Improvisations 11'38"

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15 tracks - 60 minutes

Recorded between 1989 and 1992, Ron's 360° blues scan. Fat and meaty electronic and acoustic combinations, including revival of Ron's virtuoso blues mouthorgan. Really one huge blues looked at from the inside in 12 different directions and 12 different keys, with prologues and conclusion. Bluefuse blows the fuse on a few blues.

❊ "sinister - triumphal - melancholic - comical - subtle - maniacal" - "bound to unsettle your biorhythms" - Tower Records 'TOP'


1. Bar None (1990)
2. Bar Sinister (1989)
3. Handlebar (1989)
4. Cellbar (1989)
5. Whinebar (1989)
6. Healbar (September 1992)
7. Barfly (1990-91)
8. Bluebarb (14th October 1992)

9. Barmaid (July-August 1992)
10. Barline (December 1992)
11. Parallel Bar (October 1992)
12. Sandy Bar Baa (November
13. Colourbar (1989-91)
14. Crossbar (most of 1992)
15. Bartab (November 1992)

[HEDCD 001]                         £9.75 (incl. delivery worldwide)FUNNY FROWN (CD)


 17 tracks - 60 minutes

Ron Geesin's collected best works 1980-1990, all previously unissued. Various electronic and acoustic combinations. 6-page foldout booklet with photos and Ron's notes on each track.

 "an entertaining and witty collection"
The Wire

"What's more, it gets better with each listen."
- Jukebox

"provides an ideal introduction to the strange and unlikely world of Ron Geesin."
- Tower Records 'TOP'

"disturbingly reassuring" - "timelessly anachronistic"
Robert Wyatt

1. Bell Sigh 9. Go!
2. Driftbox 10. Throat Poise
3. Vivaldi's Largo In D 11. The Living City
4. Piano Prance 12. Floating Out
5. Slink 13. Ample Sample
6. Mad Kite 14. Ron's Tune
7. Hot Breath 15. Through Leaves
8. Lonely Park 16. Whistling Heart
  17. Fingal's Grave

All composed, recorded and played by Ron Geesin, except:
3. arranged, not composed;
7. Frank Skully (drums);
14. alto saxophone by John R. T. Davies.

[HEDCD 003]                         £9.75 (incl. delivery worldwide)Right Through - and Beyond (CD)

15 tracks - 61 minutes

 Here is the digital reissue of the vinyl Right Through (RON323) – all 9 tracks - remastered from the original tapes plus previously unissued alternative ending (track 10) and Sour New Year suite originally made for BBC radio (tracks 11-15). 12-page wrap-round booklet with photos and all the words.

 "Through doors of sound that glint and glide,
you lift off ground on rippled ride,
you even see what brews inside
your spinning head -
Right Through."


"the ultimate expression of illustrious insanity and aberrant brilliance"
- Sounds

"every little throb baffles, each syncopation mystifies, its existence seems only to serve as the missing piece in the jigsaw that is popular music"
- Sounds

"He is a wired Mike Oldfield"
- Creative Loafing (USA)

1. Door-o-plane gets its blades 9. Rhythiano plonks the plug out, and we follow
2. Blades spin notions 10. Rhythiano plonks the plug out, and we follow - alt. version
3. Motion above rhythidoor 11. New Year Entry
4. Four guitars did laugh, then thought again 12. New Year Adventure
5. Throb thencewards thrill 13. New Year Ear
6. Hiding haul of voices, hail! 14. Rattle That New Year
7. Shut out hailing calls through you 15. Big Ben's Resolution
8. Gong of going goes right through  


RonCycle1 (CD)

[Tonefloat TF106(CD)]     £11.50 (incl. delivery worldwide)


Yes, he went and did it! After 24 years of spasmodic wrestling, this was finally mixed at Mark Ayres' Studio in the Summer of 2010 and is out on Tonefloat in CD and LP (+CD) forms. It is indeed the journey of a melody: it gets born and sets off to confront its present and future in 16 continuous sections – it's probably best if you read the Full Notes.


  1. Tuning Crystals    02’58”
  2. Under The Heat    02’02”
  3. Agreeable Disagreement    01’15”
  4. a) Low Flight;
    b) Over The Edge    03’53"
  5. Foggy Forest    05’35”
  6. Chatter Line    06’20”

  7. Whether The Weather    05’18”
  8. Wispy Mist    04’19”
  9. Cellar Fall    01’56”
  10. Radio Fume    01’45”
Presenters’ Song    02’30”
Disagreeable Intrusion    02’22”
A Musing    01’09”

  14. Gathering Strands    01’45”

  15. Home, Jimmy    06’12”

  16. Caught    01’22”

The whole composed, played and recorded by Ron Geesin.

[DVD] £10.50 (incl. delivery worldwide) 

Ghost Story DVD

Revered, misunderstood and oft-discussed, Stephen Weeks' rarely seen 1974 dreamlike chiller is the absolute definition of a cult British Horror film. Set in 1920s England it tells of three former public schoolmates played by Larry Dann, Murray Melvin and the enigmatic Vivian Mackerell, who reunite in a country mansion haunted by the spirit of insane former resident Marianne Faithfull (Girl On A Motorcycle). The haunting transports them to a surreal world of demonic dolls, sadistic doctors, incest and murder. Hammer fans will see Barbara Shelley (Dracula Prince Of Darkness) and Leigh Lawson (Hammer House Of Horror), among the cast. Cult TV enthusiasts will recognise Anthony Bate (Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy, Beasts), and sitcom lovers will enjoy a cameo from Penelope Keith (The Good Life,To The Manor Born). This combination of 1970s Britsploitation and 1920s quaintness, realised perfectly by Weeks and soundtracked by Ron Geesin, have made Ghost Story legendary. Now, for the first time on DVD, Nucleus Films proudly presents this pristine 2-disc collectors edition including Ghost Stories, an in depth featurette about the curious tale about the making of the film, an audio commentary, a trailer and a selection of Weeks' fascinating early shorts and commercials. 2 DISC COLLECTORS EDITION - with booklet DVD Extras include: Ghost Stories an all-new 60 minute featurette including interviews with Director/Producer Stephen Weeks, Actors Larry Dann and Murray Melvin and British Horror Icon Barbara Shelley, plus composer Ron Geesin and UK critic Kim Newman. 7 previously unseen early short films, several also with music and sounds by Ron Geesin! 1960s The Chelsea Cobbler commercial! Audio Commentary and Theatrical Trailer.

[Tonefloat TF106(LP)]        £20.90RonCycle1: the journey of a melody (LP) (incl. delivery worldwide)

** includes CD version in plain card sleeve **

Yes, he went and did it! After 24 years of spasmodic wrestling, this was finally mixed at Mark Ayres' Studio in the Summer of 2010 and is out on Tonefloat in CD and this LP (+CD) form.

It is indeed the journey of a melody: it gets born and sets off to confront its present and future in 16 continuous sections – this vinyl version was only possible because of a natural break after #7 - it's probably best if you read the Full Notes. 

Side 1
1. Tuning Crystals            02’58”
2. Under The Heat            02’02”
3. Agreeable Disagreement            01’15”
4. a) Low Flight; b) Over The Edge            03’53"
5. Foggy Forest            05’35”
6. Chatter Line            06’20”
7. Whether The Weather            05’18”
Side 2
8. Wispy Mist            04’19”
9. Cellar Fall            01’56”
10. Radio Fume            01’45”
11. Presenters’ Song            02’30”
12. Disagreeable Intrusion            02’22”
13. A Musing            01’09”
14. Gathering Strands            01’45”
15. Home, Jimmy            06’12”
16. Caught            01’22”

The whole composed, played and recorded by Ron Geesin.



"A work of genius . ." - Hugo Wilson, Bike Magazine, June 2017

The Adjustable Spanner is the product of thirty years’ collecting and original research, fired by Ron Geesin’s acquisition of the SLIK that hung in his father’s garage. This dovetailed elegantly into his fascination for mechanisms, from propelling pencils to cylinder phonographs and gramophones – and to the plumb-bobs swinging on his desk.

At car boot sales in the 1980s, Ron was searching for good jazz on 78rpm records when he noticed odd rusty heads poking out of buckets and promptly succumbed to the collector’s disorder. Within these pages is the result of his findings, stemming from the 3,000 UK specimens he has now collected. The Industrial Revolution started in Great Britain – and so did these avidly abused tools, in support of it. No history of adjustable spanners has been written before – predictably, you will say – so here it is.

Ron has researched GB patents from 1841 onwards and delved into the labyrinthine mysteries of Registered Designs at the National Archives, gathering material from manufacturers’ and dealers’ catalogues, leaflets, magazines and trade directories. The expansion of information on the internet, coupled with his previous knowledge of family genealogy, has helped him to research as well the eventful lives of the inventors and makers, filling in some inexcusable gaps in British engineering history.

At the core of this book is a concise history of this much-maligned tool. Serious and comical observations parallel its chequered life, from its bent beginnings in the blacksmith’s shop to over-designed and lovingly engineered treasures from the small Birmingham machinist. Around this core are discussions and findings about components and construction on the practical side, and patents, registered designs and trade marks on the design protection side. The reasons for erratic choices and changes of name are also probed. Emerging from the history, we take a closer look at uses and especially abuses, immerse ourselves in an analysis of types and styles, and dive deeply into the histories of the inventors and makers.

You will be amazed at the engineering diversity required to produce these most fanciful but essential supports to the Industrial Revolution. They are animated sculptures, gossiping to themselves about their misalignment along the timeline of human progress, now clamouring for attention when it’s nearly too late, their pockmarked and worm-eaten corpses holding so much history. [See the video]





HARDBACK (225x270mm) - 208pp - over 300 photographs

  > > > > >    SIGNED BY THE AUTHOR    < < < < <

UK incl. postage: £25  

Europe incl. postage: £32.50 

Rest of World incl. postage: £37.50 



The Flaming Cow (Book)


54 photographs from the original EMI Abbey Road sessions

90 photographs in total

22,000 words

- already into its second printing (2013/08/26) - 

  > > > > >    SIGNED BY THE AUTHOR    < < < < <

The Flaming Cow offers a rare insight into the brilliant but often fraught collaboration between Pink Floyd and Ron Geesin, the result of which became known as Atom Heart Mother - the Floyd's first UK number one album. From the time drummer Nick Mason visited Geesin's damp basement flat in Notting Hill, to the last game of golf between bassist Roger Waters and Geesin, this book is an unflinching account about how one of Pink Floyd's most celebrated compositions came to life. Alongside unpublished photographs from the Abbey Road recording sessions (the only ones taken) and the subsequent performances in London and Paris, Geesin goes on to describe how the title was chosen, why he was not credited on the record, how he left Hyde Park in tears, and why the group did not much like the work. The Flaming Cow rose again, firstly in France, then in London in 2008. After 40 years Atom Heart Mother remains a much-loved record, and The Flaming Cow explores its new-found cult status that has led to its being studied for the French Baccalaureat.

(UK incl. postage) Book (hardback) £22.60 

(Rest of World incl. postage) Book (hardback) £30  

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